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A workshop, a competition, a festival and some inmates.

Just a short post for today, to share some of the things that are coming up.

Firstly, Shooting Home!

Shooting Home was started in 2003 by Objectifs and it was intended to be a photography mentorship for professionals and semi-pros, I personally graduated from it’s student oriented spinoff, Junior Shooting Home and I can personally vouch that it’s a great programme to attend, it’ll change the way you take photos and look at photography and hey, who doesn’t love to meet other great photographers out there? All of my mentors were graduates from Shooting Home and they’re really great photographers (and also really nice people), so do check out this workshop! If you’re facing financial constraints, I do believe that they give out scholarships. So give it a look see and send in your work if you’re interested!

(Lot’s of photographers have graduated from the programme and have gone on to become greats in Singapore, there just might be the slightest correlation, maybe…)

Next up, SYPA!

The Singapore Young Photographers Award is a competition targeted at well, young people. You’ve gotta be between 13 and 25 years of age to qualify but if you do and if you win, the prizes are pretty sweet. Head on over to have a look. If you’ve got a large body of work, you might as well just submit it to take a chance, Lady Luck works in the most mysterious of ways.

Finally, Singapore International Photography Festival

This is a biennial celebration of photography from all over the world and they don’t have a thematic focus this round (which is great, you can submit pretty much any body of work). Submission ends 30th of April so you do have some time to think it over before sending in your stuff. I didn’t go down for the last one so I can’t comment on the quality of the selection but it’d be something that would be fun to submit for and even more amazing to actually get selected!

That’s it for today cos I don’t have a ton of time on my hands, but I will add in one final link.

Check out this neat collection of mugshots of inmates from the 1920s! complete with scribblings of their crimes and various other details. I really love the writing as it adds so much character to the images and the style of the shots is just so atypical of photographing inmates. At first glance I thought it was professional studio work. And criminals being criminals, some of them do have a rather interesting look about them.

They look so out of place in the prison here.


and this is such an engaging shot!

Follow the link above to go check out the entire collection!


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