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Great photographers to follow online

Sorry about the lack of posts yesterday, I was tied up outside of the house and couldn’t get back in time to write a post. I’ll try to minimize disruptions to daily posting but that may mean that the posts will be slightly shorter. I’m also aware that I have yet to make good on my promise of some personal work, that’s coming soon! … I promise.

So when I’m not posting stuff up that points to other stuff on the internet, there are many other photographers who have a strong web presence and are worth following if you’re looking for interesting reads. In no order of merit –

Scott Bourne who throws up really good posts on his website Photofocus, he recently weighed in on the debate over the influx of micro 4/3 cameras into the photography world and also talked about trends in photography. I’ll leave you to scour his blog yourself, there’s some really insightful posts in the mix.

Trey Ratcliff got a following putting up some absolutely mindblowing HDR pictures on his blog Stuck in Customs, most of his posts are still about HDR but he also participates in a lot of internet chatter. He was the first one to talk about micro 4/3s being the new way for photographers in the future here and stirred up so much discussion and comments that it was as if he had taken a bat to the beehive. Still, most of his pictures are beautiful and out of this world (as HDR photos are supposed to seem).

photo credit: Trey Ratcliffe

Scott Kelby has published a few books and also has quite a strong following online. His latest book: Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It is a very thorough guide to the entire process of obtaining a final studio image and goes through all the steps from start to finish. His blog can be found here: http://www.scottkelby.com/blog/, but I prefer to keep track of his postings via his twitter.

Jeremy Cowart has an extremely wide portfolio and if you look through his portfolio he’s photographed many celebrities. What I like about him though is that he really believes in the power of the photo and the ability that it has to be a give-back tool to the community. He started Help Portrait, which involved getting disadvantaged citizens off the streets into the studio and giving them an opportunity to have a professional photoshoot done for them. This initiative has spread to 56 different countries and still continues to grow. His twitter feed is also a great place to check out the different initiatives that he shares about.

Aside from specific photographers, Kickstarter (the crowdfunding website) is a great place to check out and support up and coming photo projects as well as to seek financial help for your own! Sometimes there are also some really neat gadgets that are being funded, for example the Trigger Trap.

So for the times when I’m not able to post something up (which is looking to be very often in the near future as my school year begins), head on down to these other sources for the latest photographic news, great tutorials and of course, fantastic images.


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