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The Enemies Project

This is another one of those projects that I’ve found via kickstarter and I personally think it’s a very relevant piece of work. Photographer Nelson Guda decided to go to areas of conflict and photograph parties from both sides standing face to face or at the very least, within the same frame. It’s a ingeniously elegant way of portraying the conflicts while at the same time being respectful to all the parties involved. The kickstarter run has since closed but I do believe you still can contact him to contribute.

The ENEMIES project is about peace.

I am traveling to past and current conflict zones around the world to photograph people from opposite sides of violent conflicts and record their stories about how they moved beyond the cycle of violence into a place of peace. The goal is to bring together people from opposing sides of conflicts and photograph them together.

Mainly I want to document stories of people who have found peace, but I also want to hear as many perspectives as possible. Conflicts are complex issues filled with history and emotion, and peoples’ experiences are equally complex. I want to meet people who were active participants in conflicts as well as people who were simply swept up in a horrible situation. I want to meet people who have already gone through a peace process as well as people who have yet to undertake the effort. There are many, many sides to this issue and I want to see as many of them as possible in order to get a fundamental understanding of this very basic human issue. When all is said and done I plan to exhibit the photographs and their stories in the United Nations in New York City and then in capitals around the world. In addition I will publish a book with the photographs and stories to go along with the exhibit.

Along the way in this project I am working to help local non-profit peace groups with my work. I have already relied on the collaboration of groups like the US Institute for Peace and the Alternatives to Violence Project to help me find people who are willing to be photographed and talk about their experiences. As a part of my work I am donating photographs and video to the groups I work with so that they can use them to raise awareness and help raise funds to continue their work.

– http://enemiesproject.com/about.html

A quick google search confirmed that this project hasn’t been widely publicized but I really believe that it should go out to as many people as possible, it’s incredibly apt given our generation’s continued struggle between human violence and peace. Do check out his works, I’ve got a feeling that this could well be a landmark work of our time.

The intro page to the project can be found here: http://enemiesproject.com/index.html

And the kickstarter (now closed, but still being updated) is here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/358484849/the-enemies-project


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