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D800 revealed

So the new video for the D800 is out and it’s giving its competitor the 5D MkII some really intense heat. It’s nice to see Nikon stepping up it’s game in the video arena, they’ve been way behind Canon for a few years but the new features on the D4 (lineout headphone jack, HDMI port and other neat goodies) have proved to be an adequate response to demands from Nikon fans to release stuff for videographers on Nikon systems. I’m not entirely sure it’s too late – some videographers have already moved over to Canon systems in favour of the 600D, 60D and 5D. Still, for those who’ve stayed or have a massive collection of Nikon lenses, this is welcome news.

Stat pack – the D800 packs 51 focus points into a magnesium alloy body. It can do full HD video too. My only gripe is that few photographers these days have use for a 36 megapixel sensor. The high res sensor means that the size of each pixel site is smaller – noise will be more prevalent. Photographers who have need of such high resolutions probably have Hasselblads or other medium format cameras, for the rest of us, 36mp is way overdoing it. And here I was thinking that the megapixel war was over.

Well enough of my whining, check out the beautifully done promo vid for the new D800!


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