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Condition One – The next phase of photojournalism?

I chanced upon a new type of reporting technology that’s being tested out, it’s entitled Condition One and I first heard about it because Danfung Dennis (director of Hell and Back Again) was involved. Check out the preview video, it’s pretty cool!

The premise is that a photojournalist puts on a wide angle lens and records the video down, while the viewer is presented with a tighter crop and that allows him to have the ability to ‘interact’ with the surroundings. It’s very very realistic, the ability to change angles as you fancy almost makes it feel like you’re there (though there is a limited angle because the max that wide angle lenses do is 180 degrees).

I think it’s a great way to get people involved and aware about conflicts and other things. Perhaps images were the visceral media formats in the 20th century while this is the way of communication in the 21st. It has a long way to go but I’m really looking forward to this coming out on a major scale, it would be amazing for audiences around the world to be able to view events ‘as they wish’ and if people do get on board it could get the entire world on it’s feet.

The only drawback is that it also turns reality into a psuedo-videogame. With so many titles like Call of Duty having roughly the same appearance, the line between what is real and what is not seems to be getting even more blurry. But this is at best a minor drawback. Viewers will now have even better experiences and well, I’m really interested to see where that goes.


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