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Pictures of the Year(‘s gone by)

The annual Pictures of the Year International (POYI) awards convenes again at the University of Missouri, where it has been held since 1944. It’s one of the major events in the photojournalistic world and is also one of the reasons why I would absolutely love to go to Mizzou to study. (I’ve read the entire debate on photo school vs On the Job training but we’re not here to debate that.)

POYI has recognized some really remarkable images of our history and almost all the iconic images of the late 20th century were featured at POYI. Currently the 69th batch of images are being judged and if I’m not mistaken you can view the judging process as they pick out some of the best images from the past year from an already amazing pool of talent. The main website is here

If you don’t have a ton of time and really want to get down to some highlights there’s a trailer video that’s been released featuring some of the best images that have come from previous POYIs. The photos are absolutely stunning and although some of them are not as recognizable, they are amazing in their own right!

“(Journalists) are putting themselves in harms way a lot of time so you can see what’s really going on”

somewhat related to what I was saying the other day:

“without photojournalism, many of the social issues that are critical to our planet would never see the light of day; the real power of photojournalism is the ability to capture a moment in time and reflect that to an audience so that people will be made aware and bring about change”


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