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Karl Grobl

Another photojournalist whom I really respect is Karl Grobl. He mainly works with humanitarian aid organisations and spends much of his time running around South East Asia. What I love about Karl is that he really shares a lot of stuff about what he’s up to. His website just got revamped so this interface is new to me but in the old one it was slightly less polished but a lot easier to navigate. Anyway, what I love about his site is that he throws up everything that you could possibly need to learn about travel photography and photojournalism. There used to be gear reviews, tips for travelling, tips for getting around (including on motorbike), tips for working in the field, his gear setup and many other types of useful pages that I spent days poring over. They were incredibly insightful and clear, and I suspect they will be invaluable to you too if you aspire to do travel/humanitarian photography.

He also uploads some of his gorgeous photos from his travels and needless to say they are very good. Do drop by and check out his new site while hunting for the pages of advice that are hidden somewhere!

image by Karl Grobl


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