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Video of Kenya

My sincere apologies for a lack of posts yesterday, I was tied up with something else (as I had mentioned I might be for this entire week [and 2 more after that]) and really had no time to pen down something.

For today, there’s a video that was recently put together by one of my mentors (Jean Loo) that’s really cool (and quite fun)!

Jean’s a freelance photographer and she does a lot of cool stuff like travel all over the world and see all manners of cool things and she recently made a trip to Kenya; for work or for pleasure I have no idea. It could very well have been both!

Anyway, she’s great with her multimedia work and she put together a video of her travels comprising of some vide and some stills tied together by an upbeat backing track! The visuals are well done. It’s all good fun and also all that I may be able to muster for today, sorry about that folks!

The video can be found here


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