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Don McCullin

Recently PageOne (one of the larger bookstores in Singapore) announced that it was closing down and was holding a closing sale. While this might not bode well for the book industry in Singapore, it is a great place to get photo books, which regularly cost quite a bit (and a lot more given the amount that bookstores add for distribution).

At another sale, I had managed to get a huge book of Magnum photographs for 5 bucks. (and by huge I mean really large, larger than A4!) It was the first book that I purchased and it was really really cheap. Given that I’m operating on a tight budget, it is great for me to be able to get great photos as an extremely reasonable price.

So back to PageOne, one of the books on the Photography shelf caught my eye – it was a collection of work by Don McCullin. He’s a well travelled war photographer and although the collection wasn’t exactly cheap, the quality of the images was remarkable. The foreword too, was interesting. McCullin gave an interview and excerpts from that are published at the front.

the book!

“When I was starting as a young photographer, I bought a plane ticket with the little money I had saved and flew to Berlin. I was determined to be there… That’s what I would always try to do: be there”

“Wars have dreadful differences, but also a dreadful sameness. You sleep with the dead, you cradle the dead, you live with the living who become the dead. Often in a battle you think tomorrow it will be you, that you are going to be the one lying with your face to the stars. It is strange to think of a human body lying fixed in one position, staring at the stars without seeing.”

some of his images are beyond my ability to describe in words, so I’ll just put them up for you. Do go check out the rest of his work if this piques your interest, it is fantastic.

image by Don McCullin, Turkish woman with son mourning the death of her husband killed by Greek forces during the civil war, Limassol, Cyprus, 1964

image by Don McCullin, Marine wounded in both legs, Tet Offensive, Hue, Vietnam, 1968


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