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Shit Photojournalists Like

There’s a tumblr blog that’s titled exactly the same as this blog post and it offers anecdotal, satirical comments on the state of photojournalism in the world right now. While most posts are downright cynical and sardonic, they do reflect some truth and common perception within the circles of photojournalists that exist. They have shown some capacity for humanity with their tribute to Tim Hetherington when he passed away last year but most of the time it’s just the entertaining things that make it.

For example:

from Shitphotojournalistslike.tumblr.com

If you’re looking for a laugh, do head over. Some of the things that are mentioned ring true too, in today’s context. Most of all, you will definitely understand it if you’re a photojournalists or photographer compared to the layman. And once again, this thing was born in Mizzou!


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