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end of the line

Recently I’ve been curating my collection of photos from the largest body of work I have so far – the closing down of Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. The station had significant historical value and was also quite visible to the public eye nearer the dates of closure. It is one of the few untouched historical buildings left in Singapore (well, it was, anyway). I’ll just be throwing down some teasers and crumbs this week and there should be a long proper post next Sunday (when I get my life back again) once I find some time and also after I finish going through all four thousand of them.

It was closed in June 2011 and the government has yet to decide what to do with it. Nature groups and various other societies have been lobbying for it’s preservation but we’ll have to wait and see.

You might not get the historical background of the images or the station but just appreciate it for all it is. The station had a remarkably unique atmosphere and hey, who doesn’t get captivated by the idea of a old-style railway station, still chugging along in this decade of bullet trains and underground noisemakers.


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