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the fall of photojournalism

This has been talked about time and time again, the fabled end of photojournalism, and here is a rather dismaying (in my opinion) infographic on all things new and fashionable.

I’m not really sure what to think and time and time again I find myself questioning my desire to study photojournalism (hopefully at Mizzou’s J School). With the cutting of jobs all over the world, does it make sense to throw myself and my studies into a dying industry? I haven’t quite decided yet, but it’s something that I’d really love to do. I’m just hoping it’s still around for me to love by the time I graduate and get all that academia out of the way.

It’s quite scary to study for something that might soon be irrelevant or phased out, I’m not quite sure what I should be doing. Gotta take some time out to figure it out soon, I suppose.


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