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From Syria, with hope.

There’s a bunch of pictures up on the New York Times’ visual website that trace their origins to Syria. The country, at the moment, is still embroiled in violence. Government troops are still firing upon and indiscriminately shelling rebels. Few Western journalists are willing to risk their lives to travel to such a place, especially since some of their colleagues have been killed by shells targeted at media centers and buildings used by journalists. And yet there are still some that stay behind.

image by Rodrigo Abd, Associated Press

The collection of images come straight from the ground in Syria, and you can instantly tell that they were taken right in the middle of all the action. The shelling, the bleeding, the wounded, the dead. And yet while we so quickly scroll through the images, we take forgranted what we have. For in Syria, right as we speak, Rodrigo Abd is still there, perhaps still shooting, perhaps winging his way out through the exits that the Syrians know so well. He is there and we are here and yet we both see the same thing. He could (God forbid) get shot today, injured, somehow, and be forced to put the camera down, perhaps even for life. In all the images, there was a human being on the other side of the lens. What I’m trying to say is, don’t take the images nor the easy accessibility forgranted. It is here because of someone else whose flesh and blood is on the line.

And here is a Time article that describes the ordeal of 4 journalists (the number eventually dropped to 2) who were in Syria and managed to escape (despite having failed once and almost getting killed). It is as frightening as it is illuminating – the plight of the Syrians cannot be ignored, something has to be done soon. Out of Syria’s Carnage: A Survivor’s Testimony of Bab Amr’s Last Stand


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