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A Nat Geo encounter

Nat Geo has put up a video of a rather interesting yet hilarious episode of photographic creativity – photographer Steve Winter put a camera up on the back of a remote controlled buggy and sent it on it’s merry way into the jaws of a tiger. The entire event of the tiger trying to figure out what on earth it was going up against had me chuckling – it’s something I’ve never seen before and it looks quite absurd.

Photography and technology have worked hand in hand since forever (one might even say that one of them led to the other), however this leaves me wondering, in a situation like this, is the photographer still important? As we continue to harness technology to a great degree, are photographers rendering themselves redundant?

Enough of the philosophizing, here’s the video.

On a side note, the images look fantastic, I’m trying to hunt for the entire set, no luck so far!


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