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Letters to the Future – a short film

It’s been a while since I’ve watched any films – short films in particular. There was this period where I went on this short film craze and was devouring short films like crazy. I can’t remember half the films that I used to love and watch over and over again (though Validation was one of them) and I don’t want to remember the half baked one that I tried to make, but I definitely still love them very much!

This one comes from Woo Ming Jin who’s one of the featured filmmakers for Nikon’s Through Asian Eyes campaign. Aside from the Nikon bit (yay!) his film is also very captivating (whether or not it has anything to do with the choice of camera, we’ll never know).

It’ll play right into the hearts of poetry lovers/book lovers/romantics/nostalgics … well you get the idea of the genre. It feels like a poem being read aloud and supplemented with some beautiful images (I’m simplifying things a bit too much here) but watch it for yourself and see!


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