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Post 100!

Perhaps this post calls for some fireworks (I have a couple of pictures of those), but I’m quite happy to have made it this far. I wasn’t sure how long this blog was gonna last and 100 posts is a pretty decent measure by any standard.

I’d really like to thank the people who’ve been commenting and Like-ing my posts and just hanging around, it’s really nice to know that there are people who like the things I’ve done and also the things that I’m talking about!

I was talking today to one of my friends and she told me ‘I read your blog! … it sounds quite mature’. And I started wondering to myself whom do I blog for?

The real intention of this blog was just to be a place where I can dump up nice photos and get happy when people say they like them but there’ve been a couple of things that have also happened along the way. For one, I blog too about photographic stuff so it helps keep me up to date – trawling the net looking for stuff to to share with you guys! And going through my archives to post stuff helps me both find new work and also edit those that are good. This means I have edited photos which are ready for submission/sharing and I know what I’ve got in my archives. Which really help sometimes.

But it’s for you folks too, don’t worry (:

and also, of course, for the storks.


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