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Travel Journal (a story for tomorrow)

I’m not sure how you guys spend your holiday but I spend mine with camera always in hand or within arms reach. It helps me relax when I’m doing what I love best.

This couple though, have taken that to a whole new level. Within 40 days they’ve recorded enough to form a short narrative video which took me away for a couple of minutes. While watching the video I kept wondering how much they had to deviate from their actual holiday plans just to put this project through! But then again I suppose if it’s what they love it’s less labour and more love.

How would you choose to document your travels? And how would you put a story to your journey?

I love the way that they’ve done it with theirs, though the amount of effort must have taken a ton of time. Despite that, it’s really well done, and definitely worth your time, especially if you (like me) are yearning to get away from everything!


and they only found me, their future, quietly waiting. And I asked them the same two questions that I will someday ask you –

is it possible to be happy with this life? did you enjoy your story



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