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Deep Sea Challenge

It’s been a while since I’ve written on a current event, but I’ve recently stumbled upon one that seems to be quite intriguing.

National Geographic has started a new expedition entitled the Deep Sea Challenge, and they’ve designed a one man submarine to be sent down to the deepest depths of the ocean (which, if you didn’t know, is taller than Everest if measured in terms of absolute heigh/depth).

It’s an interesting venture and I was even more surprised to discover that the first pair to achieve this managed to do so in the 1960s – for all our romping around Space we still haven’t quite figured out the entire surface of our own world.

Anyway, I mentioned it’s a one man submarine, so who’s the man? He’s the veritable James Cameron, if you’ve never heard of him (which rock do you live under?) he directed the film Avatar and more aptly, Titanic. Why’s he involved? Well this is the real reason why I can post this here – the sub’s rigged with a ton of 3D cameras all over the place and Cameron will be putting together a film to bring the deepest part of our Earth to a screen near you! Do keep an eye out for it.

Cameron has recently completed the first dive down (setting a record along the way) and has come up, he’s taking a break to appear at the premieres of Titanic around the world, so he won’t be diving for a while. The adventure itself, though, is highly interesting and I believe it’s the first one that’s been open to so much public access.

Here’s a video from the site detailing the process of going down.

that is a pretty swanky sub

Anyway, the site URL is http://deepseachallenge.com/, I’ll leave it to the perusal of the movie buffs or the genuinely curious!


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  1. Why doesn’t this web site work in IE? I needed to switch to firefox to see the content. Not a big deal, but bothersome for somebody that hates having to use firefox. I typically wouldn’t care
    that much, but I genuinely wanted to read more.

    March 31, 2013 at 6:28 pm

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