a place for sharing all things photographic and some things not


Hello there! I’m Aidan, currently a student but mainly an aspiring photographer who happens to reside in Singapore.

I try to update this as often as I can when I’m not burdened by a ton of school work and not off on some new adventure with my camera.

Mainly I dabble in documentary and street photography but once in a while I do go out to get some nature shots. I try not to let all these categories limit my photography and basically shoot everything that I can get my hands on.

This blog was started with the intent of cashing in some of my thoughts on the various aspects of photography, sharing things that I stumble upon online and also trying to get started with putting some of my work online. You can expect to get coverage on my past and present work and also some ideas of what I’d like to do in the future.

If you like the stuff that I post or just want to hear what I’ve got to say, do follow the blog and comment whenever you feel like! I’m also trying to get word out so I’d be really appreciative if you could share my posts with your friends (:

Feel free to contact me by leaving comments in the comments box or dropping me an email at aidanmockyongjie@gmail.com

Thanks for visiting!


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