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Moon cradle

I missed the full moon a few nights ago but here’s a relatively decent shot. I love playing with the foreground when it comes to shooting the moon.


canal, morning

I cross the bridge over this canal every morning and I’ve always wanted to take this scene with the cross in the background (it never changes) however I usually don’t have my camera on me. When I did bring it though, I barely hesitated (though looking slightly like a fool taking photos of goodness knows what)

they say the most common bird in Singapore is the crane, I tend to agree. Might upload more variants of this scene when I have more time and I go edit the other different frames!


It’s not that I’m feeling extraordinarily handsome today,

Singapore Zoo, 2012

well maybe just a little.

Post 100!

Perhaps this post calls for some fireworks (I have a couple of pictures of those), but I’m quite happy to have made it this far. I wasn’t sure how long this blog was gonna last and 100 posts is a pretty decent measure by any standard.

I’d really like to thank the people who’ve been commenting and Like-ing my posts and just hanging around, it’s really nice to know that there are people who like the things I’ve done and also the things that I’m talking about!

I was talking today to one of my friends and she told me ‘I read your blog! … it sounds quite mature’. And I started wondering to myself whom do I blog for?

The real intention of this blog was just to be a place where I can dump up nice photos and get happy when people say they like them but there’ve been a couple of things that have also happened along the way. For one, I blog too about photographic stuff so it helps keep me up to date – trawling the net looking for stuff to to share with you guys! And going through my archives to post stuff helps me both find new work and also edit those that are good. This means I have edited photos which are ready for submission/sharing and I know what I’ve got in my archives. Which really help sometimes.

But it’s for you folks too, don’t worry (:

and also, of course, for the storks.

Milky Stork

I’ve posted this one on my facebook before but I figured I should share it with everyone so here it is! Love this shot. With my current favourite lens (seeing that I only have 2) the 70-200 VRII, it is an absolute beauty.

15th January 2012, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve


There are many people who stand on both sides of the black and white vs colour argument, I see the benefits in both but this is one of the reasons why I shoot (mainly) in colour!

sighhh I really do love evening shots.

Also, for you up-to-date, modern-tech-warrior folks, I just hopped onto the twitter bandwagon, new posts will go up at https://twitter.com/Shotfrthshutter. Aside from that I might be retweeting other posts too so go over there if you want a more active/constant stream of updates! I know some people don’t like getting updates via email so I’m putting up this option too.

Back to Nature

Hey everyone!

My sincerely apologies for not posting anything at all for 4 days, I was having a class camp at Mt Ophir, Malaysia. It was really good fun but there was no internet nor did I carry my laptop so I couldn’t put anything up. I did, however, bring my camera! It was a good opportunity to get back in touch with nature and all that and away from the wide world with the internet and all it’s other fancy gadgets.

Anyway, regular programming will be back from now on!

According to the guide, believe it or not, this is a weed. There were tons growing by the side of the road and they looked absolutely gorgeous in the morning light in the wild country sort of way. Might put up a few other good ones from the trip but there aren’t that many I think – camera was having some issues.