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Santa Monica Pier

I know I haven’t updated this place in ages and the cobwebs have started to grow all around the url, my sincere apologies but things at school have been so hectic that I’ve barely had the time to do anything else other than work. In fact this current escapade is unauthorized but I need an escape from what I’m currently bogged down with.

So here’s a photo from my trip to the US in 2010. The well-worn well known Santa Monica Boulevard while nearing dusk. I like this shot.  I miss the US terribly (and travelling around the world, as a whole). Thankfully my next trip is in less than a months time, where I will wake up one morning to find myself in Paris. Hoping to get some great pics from there too! See you folks around!




Vietnam, 2011

I realise I’ve been uploading a lot of these conceptual, vague shots recently. It might just be a mood thing, I’ll just let it play out and see where it eventually winds me up.

Travel Journal (a story for tomorrow)

I’m not sure how you guys spend your holiday but I spend mine with camera always in hand or within arms reach. It helps me relax when I’m doing what I love best.

This couple though, have taken that to a whole new level. Within 40 days they’ve recorded enough to form a short narrative video which took me away for a couple of minutes. While watching the video I kept wondering how much they had to deviate from their actual holiday plans just to put this project through! But then again I suppose if it’s what they love it’s less labour and more love.

How would you choose to document your travels? And how would you put a story to your journey?

I love the way that they’ve done it with theirs, though the amount of effort must have taken a ton of time. Despite that, it’s really well done, and definitely worth your time, especially if you (like me) are yearning to get away from everything!


and they only found me, their future, quietly waiting. And I asked them the same two questions that I will someday ask you –

is it possible to be happy with this life? did you enjoy your story


moths to the music

Just back from Mosaic Music Festival, it never ceases to amaze me how great sounds draw people like moths to a flame. And in this case replete with an entire crew of spontaneous front row dancers.

MOS Sunset.

Anyone who’s been here long enough will know that I’ve got this affinity for sunset/sunrise shots. Not only are these periods the best time to take images with ambient light, I find it the most captivating time to shoot the sun too. So yes, expect to see lots of sunset/sunrise images around. I love them!

I call this my MOS Burger shot. Those of you who’ve ever been to MOS Burger – do you know what they stand for? It’s all over the walls as decoration in most of the outlets. Try guessing.

Lombok, 2011

Mountain. Ocean. Sun

childlike wonder

Caught this on the streets of Vietnam (where perpetually everyone is on a motorbike). I just love the contrast between her and everyone else around her! The things that we lose as we age…

Hawaiian sunrise

Feeling extremely guilty because I haven’t lifted the camera in quite a long while (by my own standards). I’ve been way too busy (t’is the modern man’s standard excuse!) but I will probably take it out for a spin sometime soon, I miss the familiar weight in my hands.

Anywaaay, this image was taken during my Hawaii trip last year, we camped near a river and I got up slightly earlier to get this. I like it. It’s been a while that I put up a landscape image so here you go! How I wish I could go back