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So for anyone who still hangs around here, I’ve shifted my site to my permanent portfolio site – aidanmock.com

I’ll be blogging there too, so you can drop by if you want more posts like the ones that I used to post here. Thanks everyone!


neat stuff

One of the photographers that I have the greatest respect for – he is an inspiring figure and it’s a shame that he’s already been one year gone.


The Lost & Found Project is a beautiful and thoughtful idea launched by volunteers who collected photographs found after Japan’s Earthquake. It’s such a poignant project and I felt like it should be shared far and wide because no matter what, there are still people doing good in the world.

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Montage; A Canon Event

Canon’s organising another one of it’s photography event (I must admit that it’s got a pretty solid foundation in Singapore) this time in partnership with NUS’ Photographic Society. The theme for this year’s event is titled No Boundaries and details can be found at http://montage.sg/2012/

The lineup looks really promising for both the workshop and the seminar and tickets for the seminar are already on sale. At 5 bucks for students, it’s a no brainer, I’d go just to give my brain some photographic exposure (of which it has sorely lacked in the past month).

Yeah so if you’re free on 10th June and am looking for a good way to spend the holidays this just might be it.