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So my schedule for the week has just come out and it seems that every single day has been burnt right up till my sleeping hours. I’ll try to get in as many posts as possible but the max I can promise is one image a day and if it’s a good day maybe one other post. It’s looking to be a real crazy week but I’ll also try and get some stuff up during the weekend so do stick around!

Don’t you guys just love the life of an overworked student!

Well thanks for hanging around and continuing to follow my rants on this empty space, it’s been a pretty remarkable journey these two weeks and I was shocked when we hit ~600 wanderers! (thanks guys!)

Hopefully I can live up to everyone’s expectations as my academic term get’s into full gear.

Seeya around!


Hello everyone!

Happy Chinese New year to everyone out there! This seemed like an auspicious time to bring this idea into fruition so after a night of cobbling around with various setting everything looks good enough to throw my first post out to the interwebs!

I’ll probably just be sharing a couple of links and videos just for the first few posts because I haven’t really thought up of a full idea for the first photo post, but do keep a look out for that!

Now that the dreaded first post ever is over and done with, I suppose I can start posting less formal stuff in the next few posts.

Catch you guys around!