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Santa Monica Pier

I know I haven’t updated this place in ages and the cobwebs have started to grow all around the url, my sincere apologies but things at school have been so hectic that I’ve barely had the time to do anything else other than work. In fact this current escapade is unauthorized but I need an escape from what I’m currently bogged down with.

So here’s a photo from my trip to the US in 2010. The well-worn well known Santa Monica Boulevard while nearing dusk. I like this shot.  I miss the US terribly (and travelling around the world, as a whole). Thankfully my next trip is in less than a months time, where I will wake up one morning to find myself in Paris. Hoping to get some great pics from there too! See you folks around!



evening departure


He’s leaving, on that midnight train to Georgia


There are many people who stand on both sides of the black and white vs colour argument, I see the benefits in both but this is one of the reasons why I shoot (mainly) in colour!

sighhh I really do love evening shots.

Also, for you up-to-date, modern-tech-warrior folks, I just hopped onto the twitter bandwagon, new posts will go up at https://twitter.com/Shotfrthshutter. Aside from that I might be retweeting other posts too so go over there if you want a more active/constant stream of updates! I know some people don’t like getting updates via email so I’m putting up this option too.

MOS Sunset.

Anyone who’s been here long enough will know that I’ve got this affinity for sunset/sunrise shots. Not only are these periods the best time to take images with ambient light, I find it the most captivating time to shoot the sun too. So yes, expect to see lots of sunset/sunrise images around. I love them!

I call this my MOS Burger shot. Those of you who’ve ever been to MOS Burger – do you know what they stand for? It’s all over the walls as decoration in most of the outlets. Try guessing.

Lombok, 2011

Mountain. Ocean. Sun


it’s been an exhausting week I am glad that it’s come to an end. finally.

hope you guys had a good weekend/rest. I might not be able to post as often as I did last week but we’ll see how things play out.


Landing in Narita

I realised that I’ve been writing too much and chocking my posts full of words but I haven’t been posting too many photos. I’ll be trying to change that soon!

Anyway, here’s the first single image. I got it while we were approaching Narita Int’l Airport and as I looked out of the window I noticed another plane flying in and by (towards Haneida I suspect) and I got the shot.

hope it’s been a good weekend for everyone!