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New Age Dead

I’ve been doing quite a bit of photography/documentary work regarding the dead in Singapore (more specifically Bukit Brown and various other locations) and it’s quite interesting to see how the old and the new have mixed together here. Some traditions have been forgotten and new ones are being created and right down the middle we have a confused (albeit amusing) mix of both. This is just one of those moments. (The rest will find it’s way to some sharing platform when I finally get down to full scale editing).


Look to the heavens

There’s been some argument between the government and the people on the building of a highway right through a very famousĀ cemetery. There are many famous founding fathers and notable individuals who were there during Singapore’s rise to success who are buried in Bukit Brown. Some of them have roads named after them while others were owners of large companies that still exist till today.

The government recently put into action a plan to construct a highway right through the cemetery and a small percentage of the graves would be affected. These graves would have to be exhumed and the ashes stored at a columbarium in order to make way for future developments. To the chinese, burial is one of the most important rituals, but in land scarce Singapore, tradition and development go head to head and most times development wins.

Right now they’re trying to document all the graves and there are some photographers going down too. I have a decent collection of images of the place and I might be uploading them some time soon (when I can finally find some time).

Meanwhile, I’ll just leave this here as a teaser/trailer!