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Santa Monica Pier

I know I haven’t updated this place in ages and the cobwebs have started to grow all around the url, my sincere apologies but things at school have been so hectic that I’ve barely had the time to do anything else other than work. In fact this current escapade is unauthorized but I need an escape from what I’m currently bogged down with.

So here’s a photo from my trip to the US in 2010. The well-worn well known Santa Monica Boulevard while nearing dusk. I like this shot.  I miss the US terribly (and travelling around the world, as a whole). Thankfully my next trip is in less than a months time, where I will wake up one morning to find myself in Paris. Hoping to get some great pics from there too! See you folks around!



Hawaiian sunrise

Feeling extremely guilty because I haven’t lifted the camera in quite a long while (by my own standards). I’ve been way too busy (t’is the modern man’s standard excuse!) but I will probably take it out for a spin sometime soon, I miss the familiar weight in my hands.

Anywaaay, this image was taken during my Hawaii trip last year, we camped near a river and I got up slightly earlier to get this. I like it. It’s been a while that I put up a landscape image so here you go! How I wish I could go back