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Hope for a healthy world (Photo competition)

Hey everyone! Where I am it’s 1.07 am and I have school tomorrow later today (I still have no idea why I’m up at this time), but since I am I might as well post a competition that you guys might be interested in.

If you’ve been documenting healthcare issues in your region or covering someone whom your close to and has been undergoing treatment, you might be interested in participating in the Hope for a Healthy World photo competition. The prize money is a cool 5 grand (or 2.5 for singles and multimedia) among some other goodies that they’re giving out. It’s rare for a competition of this kind/scale to be free (!) but it is! David Griffin sits on the panel (he used to be Nat Geo’s director of photography and he has done one of the best TED talks I have ever seen) so you’d be pretty awesome if you win.

And even if you’re not looking to participate, check out some of the winners from last year! It’s a decent sized collection of them (though I don’t think they all need to be black and white but I didn’t win so I shall shut up about that) and they cover quite a wide spectrum of health related topics. I just wish they profiled people from a greater variety of backgrounds but that’s probably a lot harder to do. Worth your while, swing by and check it out!


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