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Santa Monica Pier

I know I haven’t updated this place in ages and the cobwebs have started to grow all around the url, my sincere apologies but things at school have been so hectic that I’ve barely had the time to do anything else other than work. In fact this current escapade is unauthorized but I need an escape from what I’m currently bogged down with.

So here’s a photo from my trip to the US in 2010. The well-worn well known Santa Monica Boulevard while nearing dusk. I like this shot.  I miss the US terribly (and travelling around the world, as a whole). Thankfully my next trip is in less than a months time, where I will wake up one morning to find myself in Paris. Hoping to get some great pics from there too! See you folks around!



sleepy fishing village

“however much you resist them, the waters will return; that the land sinks; silt collects; that something in nature wants to go back”

– Graham Swift, Waterland

Before the British arrived, Singapore was little more than a sleepy fishing village. The few immigrants that came joined the local fishing community, venturing out on their sampans to earn their keep.

There is something in nature that wants to go back.

city carnival

I haven’t uploaded anything in a while, I’ve been once again caught up in a flurry of activity in the past few days. Photos may not be coming as rapidly as previously set, but they’ll still be coming! (: You can follow on Twitter or by email for updates of new posts.

This one’s from the Night Festival 2 years ago, back when I was just starting out (technically I still am)

I really love the carnival sorta feel in this one (yes, it was underexposed, oops)


evening departure


He’s leaving, on that midnight train to Georgia


Vietnam, 2011

I realise I’ve been uploading a lot of these conceptual, vague shots recently. It might just be a mood thing, I’ll just let it play out and see where it eventually winds me up.

Gateway to another realm

And all that lies between the veils of life and death is the future, however much or little there is left of it that slips through our hands as we speak.

iLight Singapore, 2012


I know there’s a myriad of opinions on taking photographs of art but sometimes I think they can lead to pretty interesting images. At least from my perspective they do.

Singapore Biennale (2011)