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Moon cradle

I missed the full moon a few nights ago but here’s a relatively decent shot. I love playing with the foreground when it comes to shooting the moon.



It’s been a long and trying day and I just need something rather lighthearted to keep me up into the night. If you need one to, here ya go! I have no idea if the fates ordained it or if it was a process of mundane geographic reasons but either way, t’is a rather pretty line 😀

canal, morning

I cross the bridge over this canal every morning and I’ve always wanted to take this scene with the cross in the background (it never changes) however I usually don’t have my camera on me. When I did bring it though, I barely hesitated (though looking slightly like a fool taking photos of goodness knows what)

they say the most common bird in Singapore is the crane, I tend to agree. Might upload more variants of this scene when I have more time and I go edit the other different frames!

MOS Sunset.

Anyone who’s been here long enough will know that I’ve got this affinity for sunset/sunrise shots. Not only are these periods the best time to take images with ambient light, I find it the most captivating time to shoot the sun too. So yes, expect to see lots of sunset/sunrise images around. I love them!

I call this my MOS Burger shot. Those of you who’ve ever been to MOS Burger – do you know what they stand for? It’s all over the walls as decoration in most of the outlets. Try guessing.

Lombok, 2011

Mountain. Ocean. Sun

Hawaiian sunrise

Feeling extremely guilty because I haven’t lifted the camera in quite a long while (by my own standards). I’ve been way too busy (t’is the modern man’s standard excuse!) but I will probably take it out for a spin sometime soon, I miss the familiar weight in my hands.

Anywaaay, this image was taken during my Hawaii trip last year, we camped near a river and I got up slightly earlier to get this. I like it. It’s been a while that I put up a landscape image so here you go! How I wish I could go back


Sunset on the way back

Yes the image is over exposed. I like it that way. For exifnerds this was shot at ISO 1000 (back when I really didn’t know very much)(which may be the reason it’s slightly over exposed). What I’m amazed at is the way my prosumer D90 handled the noise. There was little noise in the beginning and after some touchup in Lightroom it’s all gone. Pretty cool eh.

Taken on the boat back from Pulau Ubin.